When we created our weighing boats, we chose to collaborate with those who use them daily - the chemists, the researchers and the pharmaceutical companies. The result was a weighing boat that - for more than 20 years - have met the high demands.

Käglinge's weighing boats are made of aluminum to be antistatic and to prevent the sample from sticking to the vessel. It is biologically inert and can withstand acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols and bases.
The weighing ships also got a specially designed gripping edge that makes it easy and safe to handle the weighing boats with tweezers. Thanks to the neat format, the sample can be easily added to the test tube. into test tubes etc. Käglinge's weighing boats are manufactured in Sweden

The weighing boats are available in two sizes:


Volym: 0,28 ml
Vikt: 0,07 g
Mått: L 22 x B 5 x H 4 (mm)


Volym: 0,45 ml
Vikt: 0,15 g
Mått: L 26 x B 8 x H 6 (mm)