When ordinary accuracy is not enough. When the result of the weighing requires accuracy down to ten thousandths of a gram, because what is weighed, for example, is extremely costly or because an incorrect statement can risk the result of extensive research.
This is where Käglinge Vågtjänst has its field of work: To offer materials and conditions that meet the highest possible requirements for precision.

Weighing tables and weighing stones.

Käglinge weighing tables are not only the most stable on the market. Together with uncompromising quality down to the smallest detail, our weighing tables and weighing stones provide all the conditions for a clean and safe handling, and a stable and vibration-free weighing.

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Weighing Boats

What should the perfect wave ship handle? We asked the pharmaceutical companies, researchers and other laboratories and got the answers: The samples should not get stuck. Avoid static plastic. The ship should be easy to handle with tweezers. Slightly shaped (so that the ship can be easily lowered into, for example, test tubes).
We created weighing boats in aluminum, with a smart grip edge

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