About us

The start of Käglinge Vågtjänst AB was an insight. The realization that the desires for precision, simplicity and efficiency that chemists and researchers at various laboratories talked about, would be fully possible to meet.
What was required was nothing but reflection, customized solutions and uncompromising quality, down to the smallest detail. This is how the cast concrete weighing tables were created, which provided unbeatable stability. And so the wave ships were born, with the simple but nimble grip edge.

Since then, more than 20 years have passed. Today, Käglinge Vågtjänst AB is an established supplier to laboratories not only in Sweden but also internationally. We adhere to the insight that once created the company: To always start from the customers' requirements and needs and to never, ever compromise on quality.


Please contact us for valid prices.

Payment terms
30 days net

Delivery time
Weighing tables and weighing stones: 2-3 weeks. Weighing boats: 2-4 days. Custom Tables and stones: Please send your inquire.

For orders please email order@kvab.nu.