Käglinge Weighing tables
– Quality without compromise.

In a modern laboratory even small mistakes in the weighing process can result in major consequences. The requirements for precision leave no room for compromise.

Therefore, our weighing table is a fully cast concrete construction with a stability that can handle extremely precise weighings
The table has adjustable and vibration-damping feet. The concrete is polished and specially varnished to guarantee a durable, hygienic and easy-care surface - which can withstand daily cleaning with alcohol. The table is delivered with a weighing stone with cast marble top.

There are almost unlimited possibilities to adapt the weighing table to what your task requires. For example, you can get the table with feet classified for food handling. The concrete foundation can be painted with antibacterial paint.

Article no: Measure:  Weight:
VF75–810 w 700 x d 550 x h 810 mm 220 kg
VF75–760 w 700 x d 550 x h 760 mm 215 kg
VF75–660 w 700 x d 550 x h 660 mm 210 kg
VF54–840 w 550 x d 410 x h 840 mm 170 kg
VF54–690 w 550 x d 410 x h 690 mm 160 kg